H. Burak Erten


Mr. H. Burak Erten is the President of US Institutional Capital Investments LLC, focusing on advisory for the deployment of institutional capital aligned with US interests. Mr. Erten is a fund manager in Luxembourg (authorized by CSSF) and in Malta ( authorized by MFSA ) and

Mark M. Gantar

Executive Chairman

Mr. Gantar is a global economic development leader that has facilitated complex financial transactions involving public-private partnerships between the United States and 3rd world countries. He has 35 years of business experience in owning and running various manufacturing and technology companies.

Evan J. Humphrey

Chairman- US Specialty Insurance LLC

Evan J. Humphrey is the Chairman of US Specialty Insurance LLC. providing leadership, vision, and responsibility for its overall success. He leads having over 24 years of Executive Management experience and over 18 years in manufacturing leadership. Evan is also a banker by trade.

Paul-Emile Desrosiers

Group Chairman-Nation Building

Paul-Emile Desrosiers is a true global VisionAire and leader having served in the United Nations and United States Government in senior positions while creating billion-dollar companies in his post-government positions. He has led nation-building strategies throughout his career having been and done business in 94 countries.

Derrick M. Comfort

Group Chairman- Governments

Derrick Comfort is a true American patriot, US Army veteran with 45 years of experience in international banking and business development and execution in more than 50 countries globally. Derrick has held strategic initiatives and discussions held with various governments and is the VisionAire for Zero Waste Park concept

Sohail S. Quraeshi

Executive Board Member

A graduate of Buckingham University (L.Sc Econ) UK, Mr. Quraeshi started his career with the Bank of New England in Boston as a Security Analyst following a diverse group of industries including Telecom and Consumer Electronics. After 6 years he became private banker and advisor for the Aquino family of the Philippines.